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10 Things to Do in Vienna Austria

Welcome Trekkers to the imperial city of Vienna, Austria! This breathtaking capital is located in the heart of Europe and boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage that draws in millions of visitors every year. From its stunning architecture to its vibrant cultural scene, Vienna is a city that will enchant and entertain you from the moment you arrive.

As you stroll through Vienna’s picturesque streets, you can’t help but feel transported back in time. The city’s stunning Baroque architecture is on full display in attractions like Schonbrunn Palace and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, while the grandeur of the Habsburg Dynasty is evident in the opulent Hofburg Palace. The city’s museums also offer a wealth of history and art, with the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Belvedere Palace featuring works by some of Europe’s most famous artists.

Aside from its rich cultural offerings, Vienna is also a food lover’s paradise. From traditional Viennese dishes like schnitzels and strudel to the city’s famous coffee houses, you’ll find no shortage of delicious culinary delights to enjoy. And when you’re ready to unwind, Vienna’s lively nightlife scene has something for everyone, from cozy pubs to trendy nightclubs.

Whether you’re here to explore Vienna’s history, indulge in its cuisine, or simply soak up its charming atmosphere, this city is sure to leave a lasting impression. So pack your bags and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through one of Europe’s most enchanting destinations!

Here are 10 things to do while you’re in Vienna, Austria

1. Stroll through the iconic Schönbrunn Palace Gardens

Stroll through the iconic Schönbrunn Palace Gardens

Experience the grandeur of Schönbrunn Palace Gardens, one of Vienna’s most breathtaking landmarks. This vast oasis offers a stunning display of manicured landscapes and flower beds bursting with vibrant colors. The Schönbrunn Palace Gardens were designed in the 18th century and have been a popular attraction for visitors ever since.

Whether you are a nature lover or simply looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, the gardens provide a peaceful sanctuary to unwind and explore. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the pathways, capture stunning photographs of the scenic surroundings or take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the palace from the top of the hill.

In addition to its stunning natural beauty, the gardens feature fabulous statues, fountains, and pavilions. During the warmer months, visitors can attend outdoor concerts and theatrical performances held on the palace grounds. If you are a botanical enthusiast, there are several greenhouses with rare and exotic plants to explore.

Overall, a visit to the Schönbrunn Palace Gardens is an unforgettable experience. It is an ideal place to relax, unwind and soak up the beauty of Austria’s capital city. No trip to Vienna is complete without a visit to these majestic gardens, and once you are there, you’ll understand why it is such a popular destination.

2. Wander through the historic inner city

Wander through the historic inner city

As you wander through the winding streets of the historic center, you’ll be transported back in time. The architecture alone is worth the trip - ancient stone buildings with intricate facades and beautiful details will make you feel like you’re walking through a living museum.

But it’s not just the buildings that make this part of town so special. You’ll also get a sense of the city’s rich culture and traditions as you pass by shops selling traditional wares and street vendors serving up authentic local delicacies. You’ll hear the echoes of the past as you pass by monuments and landmarks that tell the story of our city’s history.

Take a moment to sit and people-watch in one of the many beautiful squares, or duck into a cozy cafe for a cup of coffee and a pastry. No matter what you do, you’ll be surrounded by a sense of timelessness that truly makes our city’s historic inner city one of a kind.

The winding streets and alleyways offer an opportunity to discover hidden gems and enchanting corners, which cannot be experienced from a car or bike. The activity will also provide a good chance to take in the city’s atmosphere, interact with locals, and maybe even indulge in local cuisine or shopping. So if you’re looking for an experience that’s both peaceful and immersive, take a leisurely walk through the winding streets of our city’s historic center. You won’t be disappointed.

3. Discover the hidden treasures of St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Discover the hidden treasures of St. Stephen’s Cathedral

One of Vienna’s most iconic landmarks and a must-see attraction for anyone visiting this beautiful city. Located in the heart of Vienna’s historic center, St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a stunning example of Gothic architecture and boasts a rich and fascinating history. While the cathedral’s impressive exterior and soaring spire are certainly impressive, it is the hidden treasures within that truly set St. Stephen’s apart. One of the most impressive features of the cathedral is the catacombs, which are accessible via guided tour. Here, you can explore a network of underground tunnels and chambers where the remains of notable figures, including members of the Habsburg royal family, are interred.

Another hidden gem within the cathedral is the Pummerin Bell, which is located in the North Tower. This bell is one of the largest in Europe and weighs an impressive 21,383 kg. Visitors can climb the North Tower for breathtaking views of Vienna and the surrounding countryside, and even have the opportunity to ring the Pummerin Bell themselves.

Finally, no visit to St. Stephen’s Cathedral would be complete without a visit to the cathedral’s treasury, which is home to a stunning collection of religious artifacts, including precious jewels, ornate vestments, and centuries-old manuscripts. Whether you’re a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique and memorable experience, St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a must-see destination that should not be missed. So why not discover the hidden treasures of this iconic landmark for yourself?

4. See the city from the top of the Danube Tower

See the city from the top of the Danube Tower

Vienna is a city full of surprises, and one of the most beautiful things about it is the view from the top of the Danube Tower. Standing high above the city’s skyline at 252 meters tall, the tower provides a 360-degree panoramic view of Vienna and the surrounding areas. From the top, you can see all the famous landmarks such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Vienna State Opera, and the Donauinsel.

Visitors can take an elevator ride up to the observation deck and enjoy a coffee while they appreciate the breathtaking views. The tower is also home to two restaurants; the Danube Tower Restaurant and Café, which are perfect for a special occasion or a romantic night out. The Danube Tower Restaurant serves contemporary cuisine and offers floor-to-ceiling windows, providing an exceptional dining experience.

For those seeking a bit of adrenaline, the daring ones can climb up the narrow stairs to reach the outdoor observation deck, where they can enjoy the fresh air while suspended above the city. This outdoor deck is also known as the Skywalk and offers a thrilling experience of seeing the city in a unique way.

The Danube Tower is open throughout the year, and visitors can enjoy the view day or night. However, the best time to visit is in the evening when the lights of the city illuminate the city and provide a magical atmosphere.

The Danube Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city, and the panoramic views from the top would be simply breathtaking, especially at sunset. Tourists would have the opportunity to see the city’s architecture from a unique vantage point and take stunning photos of the surroundings. Considering the excitement associated with the activity,

5. Experience the vibrant Naschmarkt

Experience the vibrant Naschmarkt

If you’re a food lover looking for a unique culinary experience, then the Naschmarkt is calling your name. Located in the heart of Vienna, this bustling market has been a fixture of the city since the 16th century. It’s the perfect place to soak up the local culture while indulging in some of the city’s most delicious culinary creations.

As you wander through the market, you’ll be surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of traditional Austrian cuisine. From freshly baked breads to succulent meats and cheeses, the food on offer is both varied and delicious. You’ll also find an array of specialty foods, including exotic spices and teas, handmade chocolates, and artisanal jams and preserves.

One of the highlights of the Naschmarkt is the opportunity to sample the food as you go. There are countless stands selling freshly prepared dishes, and you’re sure to find something that appeals to your taste buds. You might try traditional Austrian dishes like schnitzel or goulash, or opt for something more exotic like falafel or sushi.

Overall, the Naschmarkt is a must-visit destination for any food lover traveling to Vienna. It’s much more than just a market - it’s a sensory experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the rich culinary heritage of the city. So come hungry, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready to taste some of the best food Vienna has to offer!

6. Explore the Vienna Zoo

Explore the Vienna Zoo

Welcome to the Vienna Zoo, one of the oldest and most prestigious zoos in the world. With a history dating back to 1752, this magnificent zoo is home to nearly 800 animal species and boasts more than 2 million visitors every year. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a trip to the Vienna Zoo is an unforgettable experience that’s not to be missed.

As you enter the zoo, you’ll be greeted by a fascinating array of exotic animals, ranging from majestic predators like lions, tigers, and leopards to adorable primates, playful penguins, and majestic birds of prey. You’ll be mesmerized by the intricate design of the enclosures that replicate natural habitats, providing a perfect blend of entertainment, education, and conservation.

The Vienna Zoo is not only an opportunity to see stunning wildlife but also a chance to learn about conservation efforts aimed at protecting endangered species. The zoo is actively involved in breeding and reintroducing species back into the wild, including several European-bred animals like the cheetahs and giant pandas. The zoo also features a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic, where visitors can witness animal checkups, surgeries and learn about animal care and welfare.

Additionally, the zoo features several family-friendly attractions, including the petting zoo where you can interact with friendly animals like donkeys, sheep, and goats, and the Tropical House, which houses exotic insects, reptiles, and amphibians.

The Vienna Zoo is a testament to the Austrian capital’s commitment to the welfare, conservation, and entertainment of its visitors. From exceptional wildlife to education and conservation efforts, the zoo has something for everyone. So come and experience the magic of the Vienna Zoo and create memories that will last a lifetime.

7. Visit the imperial Hofburg Palace

Visit the imperial Hofburg Palace

The Hofburg Palace is the quintessential symbol of a world steeped in royalty, power, and grandeur. Nestled in the heart of Vienna, Austria, the palace is a true testament to the opulence and splendor of the Habsburg dynasty. As you walk through the majestic halls of the palace, take a moment to soak in the richness of the artwork, sculptures, and architectural design. Built-in 1279, the palace has been the residence of the Habsburg dynasty for centuries and has witnessed some of the most significant moments in the history of the nation.

The palace is a visual representation of power, adorned with intricate details that showcase the wealth and grandeur of the Austrian monarchy. From the ceremonial rooms, where state events were held, to the private quarters of the royal family, every inch of the palace speaks of its rich history. The palace also boasts various museums, including the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi Museum, and the Silver Collection Museum. These museums provide a glimpse into the daily lives of the Habsburgs, giving visitors a unique and informative experience.

The exquisite features of the palace are countless, taking visitors through a world both legendary and historical in scope. From the chance to catch a glimpse of Franz Joseph and Elisabeth’s lifestyle to the realm of the “eternal empress,” the palace opens up fantastic opportunities to understand this unique way of life. At dusk, the palace takes on a whole different flavor, with the Vienna State Opera, cultural events and an array of international cuisine make sure that the palace is the vibrant and continuously changing center of Viennese life.

The Imperial Hofburg Palace is a fascinating example of the grandeur of former Austrian monarchs and the richness of the Habsburg dynasty. The complex houses many museums and exhibitions that showcase the palace’s different parts, including the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi Museum, and the Silver Collection. Visitors can learn about the royal family’s lives, their customs and traditions, and even see their original belongings. The palace’s architecture and interiors are also worth seeing, as they exhibit different historical styles and influences.

8. Savor traditional Austrian coffee

Savor traditional Austrian coffee

Vienna, Austria is famous for its coffee culture, and a visit to this beautiful city wouldn’t be complete without delving into the traditional coffee scene. There’s no better way to do it than by indulging in a piping hot cup of the city’s famous coffee at a local coffee shop.

The experience in any of the city’s coffee shops is not just about the perfect cup of coffee, but it’s also about the atmosphere and the ambiance. The shops are often cozy and intimate, with old-fashioned décor reminiscent of the past. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee wafts through the air, and the sound of the steamer hissing as milk is frothed for a perfect cappuccino creates a delightful sensory experience.

One of the best ways to savor traditional Austrian coffee is by trying an espresso-based drink such as a traditional Wiener Melange, a delicious blend of espresso and hot milk, or a Viennese cappuccino, which is made with double espresso, topped with steamed milk, and a dollop of whipped cream. The aroma, creaminess, and richness of these drinks evoke feelings of comfort and tranquility, and can be enjoyed any time of the day.

The coffee culture in Vienna is not just about the drinks; it’s also about the social aspect. In traditional coffeehouses, locals and tourists alike enjoy their coffee while chatting, reading newspapers or catching up on some work. Taking a seat in one of these coffeehouses can transport you to another time and place, giving you a glimpse into Vienna’s rich coffee house tradition.

Indulging in a hot, traditional Austrian coffee at a local coffee shop in Vienna is an experience that no coffee lover should miss. From the delicious espresso-based drinks to the charming ambiance of the shops and the sociable coffee culture, Vienna’s coffee scene is a must-visit for any traveler.

9. Learn the rich history at the Vienna Museum

Learn the rich history at the Vienna Museum

Vienna is a city that is steeped in rich history and culture, and there is no better way to understand its origins than by visiting the Vienna Museum. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful city, this museum offers an immersive and engaging experience that will take visitors on a journey through time.

Upon entering the museum, visitors will be immediately struck by its impressive collection. From intricate medieval jewelry to fascinating displays showcasing the city’s role in the global coffee trade, the Vienna Museum has something to captivate every visitor. The museum’s knowledgeable staff is on hand to guide visitors through the exhibits, offering insights into the city’s 2,000-year-old history.

One of the standout exhibits at the Vienna Museum is the extensive collection of maps and photographs. These items offer a unique glimpse into how the city has transformed over the centuries, providing a deeper understanding of Vienna’s development. The museum also features multimedia exhibits, bringing the history of Vienna to life through video and interactive displays.

For those interested in Vienna’s modern history, the museum also features a range of exhibits exploring the city’s role in the turbulent 20th century. From its troubled relationship with the Nazi party to its eventual liberation, visitors will gain a profound appreciation for the resilience of this historic city.

The Vienna Museum is a must-visit for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of Vienna’s rich and fascinating past. With its engaging exhibits and knowledgeable staff, this museum provides a unique and memorable experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

10. Take in a performance at the legendary Burgtheater

Take in a performance at the legendary Burgtheater

Located in Vienna, Austria, the Burgtheater is a must-visit destination for those who appreciate the arts. The theater has a rich history, dating back to the 18th century, and has garnered a reputation for its world-class productions that continue to captivate audiences to this day.

Walking into the Burgtheater, one is immediately struck by the grandeur of the building. The beautiful neoclassical architecture is a visual feast for the eyes, but it’s the performances that take center stage. Whether you attend a play, opera or ballet, the Burgtheater has something for everyone. The actors, dancers and singers are world-class, and their performances are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The Burgtheater has been home to some of the greatest performances in history, and countless legendary actors have graced its stage. The theater has a storied past, having survived World War II and undergone various renovation efforts to preserve its cultural significance.

If you’re a lover of the performing arts, you can’t miss the opportunity to experience a show at the Burgtheater. The energy and atmosphere of the theater are magnetic, and the performances are sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Vienna, the Burgtheater is a true gem that should not be missed.

Vienna is a city that exudes elegance and charm at every turn. From its stunning architecture and grand palaces to its abundant cultural offerings and world-class cuisine, Vienna offers something for everyone.

As the old imperial capital of Austria, Vienna is home to some of the most impressive buildings and landmarks in Europe. Visitors can take a stroll through the grand halls of the Schönbrunn Palace, marvel at the intricate details of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, or explore the grandeur of the Hofburg Palace. In addition to these famous landmarks, Vienna is also home to a number of world-renowned museums, including the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Belvedere. History buffs will appreciate the city’s rich and complicated past, while art enthusiasts will find themselves in awe of the city’s many galleries and exhibitions.

For those seeking a bit of relaxation, Vienna is also known for its many parks and green spaces. The Prater Park is a popular destination featuring a large ferris wheel, amusement park rides, and plenty of greenery. Meanwhile, the Danube River provides a great opportunity for boating and hiking, with many scenic trails winding along its banks.

Of course, Vienna is also famous for its culinary offerings. From traditional Austrian dishes like schnitzel and strudel to fine-dining experiences at Michelin-starred restaurants, Vienna offers every gastronomical delight imaginable. Local markets like the Naschmarkt offer visitors a chance to sample local delicacies, while coffeehouses like Café Central provide a cozy spot to relax and take in the local culture.

Vienna is known for its vibrant cultural scene. The city is home to a number of world-class opera houses, theaters, and music venues, with performances offering a glimpse into the city’s sophisticated cultural heritage. Vienna is a destination that offers something for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re looking for stunning architecture, world-class cuisine, or a glimpse into the city’s rich cultural heritage, Vienna is sure not to disappoint.