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10 Things to Do in Seoul Korea

Welcome Trekkers, today we’ll be exploring the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea - a bustling metropolis that offers an incredible range of attractions and activities for travelers.

Seoul is a city of contrasts, where ancient traditions meet modern technology, and skyscrapers coexist with historic palaces and temples. It is a city that has preserved its rich cultural heritage while embracing the latest trends and innovations of the 21st century. As the capital city of South Korea, Seoul is a vibrant hub of culture, entertainment, and commerce that attracts millions of visitors each year.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, food, or nightlife, Seoul has something to offer everyone. From the fascinating history and culture to the exciting nightlife and modern shopping districts, this dynamic city has something to offer every type of traveler. Seoul is a city that truly has it all, from traditional palaces and museums to high-tech attractions and cutting-edge cuisine.

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you 10 things to do in Seoul that you don’t want to miss. We’ll take you on a journey through the city’s most iconic landmarks and hidden places, from the Gyeongbokgung Palace to the Namsan Tower and beyond. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the best that Seoul has to offer!

1. Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace

Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace

The Gyeongbokgung Palace is one of the most iconic historical landmarks in Seoul and is a testament to the grandeur and opulence of Korea’s past. It served as the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty, which ruled Korea for over five centuries. Visitors can marvel at the intricate architecture and craftsmanship of the palace, which features ornate buildings, grand halls, and beautiful gardens.

One of the highlights of a visit to the Gyeongbokgung Palace is the changing of the guard ceremony. This traditional ceremony takes place several times a day and features soldiers dressed in historic costumes performing a series of rituals and military drills. The ceremony is a colorful and impressive display of Korean culture and tradition and is not to be missed.

In addition to the changing of the guard ceremony, visitors can also participate in guided tours of the palace and its various buildings. The tours offer a fascinating insight into the lives of the royal family and courtiers who once lived there, as well as the history and culture of Korea.

The Gyeongbokgung Palace is also a popular spot for photography, with many visitors capturing stunning shots of the palace’s grand architecture and beautiful gardens. Whether you’re a history buff or simply looking for a beautiful and culturally rich experience, a visit to the Gyeongbokgung Palace is an absolute must when in Seoul.

2. Explore the Namsan Tower

Explore the Namsan Tower

The Namsan Tower, also known as the Seoul Tower, is a landmark that is not to be missed when visiting Seoul. The tower is situated atop Namsan Mountain and offers visitors breathtaking views of the city from its observation deck, which is accessible via a scenic cable car ride.

The cable car ride up to the tower is an experience in itself, with stunning views of the city and the surrounding mountains. Once you arrive at the tower, you can take in panoramic views of the city, including landmarks like the Han River, the Lotte World Tower, and the Namsan Park.

In addition to the observation deck, the Namsan Tower also features a variety of restaurants, cafes, and gift shops where visitors can grab a bite to eat or purchase souvenirs to remember their visit. One of the most popular attractions at the tower is the “Locks of Love” exhibit, where visitors can purchase a padlock, attach it to a fence, and make a wish.

The Namsan Tower is especially beautiful at night, with the city lights creating a stunning backdrop for the tower’s illuminated facade. Visitors can enjoy a romantic dinner or drinks at the tower’s revolving restaurant, which offers 360-degree views of the city.

Whether you’re looking for stunning views of the city, a romantic date spot, or a fun family outing, the Namsan Tower is a must-visit destination when in Seoul.

3. Shop at Myeong-dong

Shop at Myeong-dong

Myeong-dong is a shopping district located in the heart of Seoul and is a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in some retail therapy. The district is bustling with shoppers and tourists alike, making it a lively and exciting destination for shopping and people-watching.

The area is home to countless shops and street vendors selling everything from high-end fashion and cosmetics to affordable souvenirs and snacks. Visitors can find both local and international brands, making Myeong-dong a shopping haven for all tastes and budgets.

One of the unique features of Myeong-dong is the abundance of street food vendors, offering a variety of delicious and affordable Korean snacks and treats. Some of the most popular street foods in the area include tteokbokki, a spicy rice cake dish, and hotteok, a sweet and savory pancake filled with brown sugar and nuts.

In addition to shopping and snacking, Myeong-dong also offers a variety of entertainment and cultural experiences, such as the Nanta Theater, which showcases traditional Korean percussion music and dance performances.

Overall, Myeong-dong is a bustling and exciting destination that offers visitors a unique blend of shopping, dining, and cultural experiences. With its vibrant atmosphere and endless array of shops and street vendors, Myeong-dong is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Seoul.

4. Walk along the Cheonggyecheon Stream

Walk along the Cheonggyecheon Stream

Cheonggyecheon Stream is a scenic waterway that runs through the heart of Seoul and is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. The stream stretches for over 10 kilometers and is surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque bridges.

Walking along the Cheonggyecheon Stream is a peaceful and serene experience, providing a welcome respite from the busy streets of Seoul. The stream is lined with walking paths, benches, and sculptures, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or a picnic.

One of the highlights of the Cheonggyecheon Stream is the light show that takes place every evening. The stream is illuminated with colorful lights, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

The stream also offers a unique perspective on Seoul’s history and development, as it was once a neglected and polluted waterway that was covered by a highway. However, in the early 2000s, the stream was restored to its former beauty, with the highway removed and the stream cleaned up and landscaped.

Today, the Cheonggyecheon Stream is a symbol of Seoul’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental preservation. It is a tranquil and beautiful destination that offers visitors a unique blend of nature and culture in the heart of the city.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape from the city or simply want to enjoy a scenic walk, the Cheonggyecheon Stream is a must-visit destination when in Seoul.

5. Visit the National Museum of Korea

Visit the National Museum of Korea

The National Museum of Korea is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Korean history, culture, and art. Located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, the museum is home to over 220,000 artifacts and exhibits that date back to prehistoric times and cover a wide range of topics.

Visitors to the museum can explore exhibits that showcase Korea’s ancient history, including artifacts from the Three Kingdoms period and the Goryeo Dynasty. There are also displays dedicated to Korean art, including traditional paintings, sculptures, and ceramics.

The museum’s exhibits also cover the country’s more recent history, including the Japanese occupation of Korea and the Korean War. Visitors can learn about the country’s struggle for independence and the impact of these events on Korean culture and society.

One of the highlights of the National Museum of Korea is the outdoor garden, which features a collection of stone pagodas and sculptures. The garden is a peaceful oasis within the bustling city and offers a beautiful setting for a relaxing stroll.

The museum also offers various educational programs and events, including lectures, workshops, and guided tours. Visitors can participate in hands-on activities, such as making traditional Korean crafts or learning to play traditional musical instruments.

Overall, the National Museum of Korea is a fascinating destination that offers a comprehensive look at Korea’s rich history and culture. Whether you’re a history buff or simply interested in learning more about Korea, a visit to this museum is a must-do when in Seoul.

6. Try Korean street food at Gwangjang Market

Try Korean street food at Gwangjang Market

For foodies, no visit to Seoul is complete without trying the delicious street food at Gwangjang Market. Located in Jongno-gu, the market is one of the oldest and largest traditional markets in Seoul and offers a bustling atmosphere filled with vendors selling a wide variety of Korean street food.

Gwangjang Market is famous for its bindaetteok, a savory pancake made with mung beans, vegetables, and meat or seafood. The pancake is fried to perfection and served with a spicy dipping sauce, making it a popular choice among visitors and locals alike.

Other must-try dishes at Gwangjang Market include tteokbokki, a spicy stir-fried rice cake dish, and gimbap, a Korean version of sushi that is made with rice, vegetables, and meat or seafood. There are also vendors selling Korean-style fried chicken, noodles, and various snacks like roasted chestnuts and sweet pancakes.

In addition to the food stalls, Gwangjang Market is also home to vendors selling traditional Korean textiles and crafts, making it a great destination for souvenir shopping. Visitors can also try their hand at making their own Korean handicrafts in one of the market’s many workshops.

Overall, Gwangjang Market is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in trying authentic Korean street food and experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of a traditional Korean market. With so many delicious dishes to try and unique shopping opportunities, it’s easy to spend hours exploring this bustling market in the heart of Seoul.

7. Enjoy a night out in Hongdae

Enjoy a night out in Hongdae

Hongdae is a vibrant neighborhood in Seoul that has become synonymous with the city’s nightlife scene. Located near Hongik University, the neighborhood is home to countless bars, clubs, and live music venues, making it a popular destination for young locals and tourists alike.

One of the highlights of Hongdae’s nightlife scene is the street performers, who can be found throughout the neighborhood entertaining crowds with music, dance, and comedy. Visitors can enjoy the performances while strolling through the bustling streets, stopping at various bars and restaurants along the way.

The neighborhood is also known for its unique and trendy bars and clubs, which range from underground music venues to rooftop bars with stunning views of the city. There are also several karaoke rooms and pool halls, providing endless entertainment options for a night out in Hongdae.

In addition to its nightlife scene, Hongdae is also a popular destination for shopping, with numerous boutiques and street vendors selling trendy clothing and accessories. Visitors can also check out the various art galleries and street art murals that are scattered throughout the neighborhood.

Overall, Hongdae is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience Seoul’s lively nightlife scene. With its diverse range of bars, clubs, and street performers, the neighborhood offers a unique and unforgettable experience that should not be missed.

8. Walk through Yeouido Park

Walk through Yeouido Park

Yeouido Park is a popular destination for nature lovers in Seoul, offering a peaceful escape from the city’s busy streets. Located on Yeouido Island in the middle of the Han River, the park features numerous walking paths, gardens, and recreational areas, making it a great destination for a relaxing stroll or a picnic.

One of the highlights of Yeouido Park is the annual Cherry Blossom festival that takes place every spring. During the festival, the park’s cherry blossom trees bloom into a sea of pink and white, creating a stunning sight that attracts visitors from all over the world. The festival also features various cultural performances, food stalls, and events, making it a great opportunity to experience Korean culture and traditions.

Even outside of the Cherry Blossom festival, Yeouido Park is a beautiful destination to visit year-round. The park features various gardens, including a rose garden, a wildflower garden, and a traditional Korean garden, providing visitors with plenty of photo opportunities and a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of Seoul.

In addition to its gardens and recreational areas, Yeouido Park is also home to several cultural and historical sites, including the National Assembly Building and the 63 Building, a skyscraper that offers stunning views of the city from its observation deck.

Overall, Yeouido Park is a great destination for nature lovers and anyone looking for a peaceful escape from the busy streets of Seoul. Whether visiting during the Cherry Blossom festival or any other time of year, the park offers a unique and unforgettable experience that should not be missed.

9. Relax in a jjimjilbang

Relax in a jjimjilbang

Jjimjilbangs are traditional Korean bathhouses that offer a unique cultural experience and a chance to relax and rejuvenate. The bathhouses typically have separate areas for men and women, with various saunas, hot tubs, and other facilities.

One of the highlights of visiting a jjimjilbang is the hot tubs, which are filled with water at different temperatures and infused with herbs and other natural ingredients. Visitors can soak in the hot tubs to relieve muscle tension, detoxify their bodies, and improve their skin.

In addition to the hot tubs, jjimjilbangs also feature various saunas, including traditional Korean-style saunas, where visitors can enjoy the heat and steam while relaxing on heated floors or mats. Many jjimjilbangs also have additional amenities such as massage services, sleeping areas, and restaurants, making them a great destination for a full day of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Visiting a jjimjilbang is not only a chance to relax but also a unique cultural experience. The bathhouses often have a communal atmosphere, with visitors of all ages and backgrounds mingling and socializing in the various facilities. Visitors can also experience traditional Korean customs, such as the use of Korean scrubs, which are exfoliating treatments that leave the skin smooth and glowing.

Overall, visiting a jjimjilbang is a unique and unforgettable experience that should not be missed when in Seoul. Whether seeking relaxation or a chance to experience Korean culture and customs, a trip to one of these traditional bathhouses is sure to be a highlight of any trip to the city.

10. Explore the Coex Mall

Explore the Coex Mall

The Coex Mall is a massive underground shopping center in the Gangnam district of Seoul. It features hundreds of stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

One of the highlights of the Coex Mall is the Starfield Library, which is a massive public library that spans two floors of the mall. It features over 50,000 books and magazines, with many displayed on towering bookshelves that reach up to the ceiling. The library also has comfortable seating areas and a cafe, making it a great place to relax and read.

Aside from the library, the Coex Mall also features a variety of other entertainment venues, such as a movie theater, aquarium, and exhibition halls. Visitors can also find a wide range of dining options, including Korean and international cuisine, as well as fast food and cafes.

The Coex Mall is also home to one of the largest underground bookstores in the world, the Bandi & Luni’s bookstore. It offers a wide selection of books in both Korean and English, as well as stationery, gifts, and other items. The bookstore is particularly popular among book lovers, as it features a unique design with shelves that seem to stretch on endlessly.

Overall, the Coex Mall is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for shopping, dining, and entertainment in Seoul. Whether browsing books in the massive bookstore or exploring the various entertainment venues, visitors are sure to find something to enjoy at this sprawling underground complex.

Seoul is a city that offers an exciting mix of history, culture, and modernity. With so many things to see and do, visitors to Seoul are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

From exploring the ancient palaces and temples to indulging in Korean street food and shopping, there is something for everyone in Seoul. The city’s vibrant nightlife, trendy neighborhoods, and stunning natural scenery also provide endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, Seoul is a destination that is not to be missed. So if you’re looking for a unique and exciting travel experience, be sure to put Seoul on your travel list. With its rich history, modernity, and welcoming culture, it’s a city that will leave a lasting impression on you.